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In order to work with your company we need a signed Letter of Authorization. After signing the Letter of Authorization, we perform the utility bill audit and then get your approval before implementing any of the savings. If we can’t find you utility savings, we don’t get paid… its that simple! Please read thoroughly and complete the form below. A copy of the completed form will be sent to your email.

If you’d rather print, sign, scan then fax, please download the form here: Letter of Authorization download

Step 1

Simply Sign up using the form below or by getting us a signed Letter of Authorization and a copy of your most recent utility bills. We can then get additional data and monthly billings directly from your utility providers

Step 2

One of our knowledgeable service representatives will contact you and go over our findings. Then after your approval, Sumerlan will begin the work of implementing your savings opportunities.

Step 3

Sit back and wait for the utility companies to refund you for overcharges. Refunds will come in the form of a check to your company or a credit on your bill. Future savings will come in the form of lower charges on your future utility bills.

Authorization for Sumerlan Cost Savings Analysis

We hereby authorize Sumerlan Management, Inc. to review and perform an analysis of our (Client) utility bills (electric, gas, water, and/or sewer bills).

Sumerlan agrees to:

  • Review and analyze our utility bills to verify their accuracy or identify opportunities for savings.
  • Provide us with an outline of all refunds, credits or monthly savings opportunities that are identified in their analysis.
  • Help us initiate or precipitate all refunds, credits or monthly savings which were identified in their analysis.

Client agrees to:

  • Provide Sumerlan with any utility bill(s) and/or account(s) for which we would like them to analyze and review for savings. If they are successful in identifying and precipitating any savings opportunities related to these bills, we will provide them with or access to these bills monthly.
  • Share 50% of all refunds, credits and/or monthly savings that are precipitated, derived, or realized from Sumerlan efforts. These shared savings will be made payable to Sumerlan, net 30 days from the date of each Sumerlan invoice for a term of at least 48 months.

Performance Based:

No fee is due if Sumerlan is unable to find or present savings opportunities from their analysis or from those opportunities that are not implemented by either party.

Please complete the Letter of Authorization form below. A copy will be sent to the email address posted.

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