Let us help you save big on: Electricity, Natural Gas, Oil, Water & Sewer

Our Utility Audit Services

Sumerlan provides utility auditing, overpayment recovery, ongoing savings and ongoing advice.


Utility Bill Auditing

Sumerlan will conduct a thorough examination and audit of all charges associated with your Electric, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer and Telecom bills.


Overpayment Recovery

Less than 10% of all billing errors and overcharges are discovered and reported to utility providers for refunds. Let Sumerlan turn this percentage around.


Ongoing Savings

Often bigger than refunds, ongoing savings can reduce your bill up to 30% per month. Driven by the way your firm uses energy, hidden opportunities hide in the tariff.

Commercial Utility Audits

You Might Be Asking: “Aren’t We Already Doing What SUMERLAN Is Offering?”

The short answer is most likely-No! Most companies that think they have already disputed charges on their billing, or taken steps to lower their bills, actually may have only recovered a small portion of what they could potentially save. Studies have shown that less than 10% of all utility billing errors are found, this means that 90% of all over charges go undiscovered!

That is where Sumerlan can help you, with more than 20 years of experience, our experts find savings opportunities that are almost always overlooked. We add value, or we don’t get paid-it’s that simple!

Our Working Process


Sign Up

Simply sign up by getting us a signed Letter of Authorization and a copy of your most recent utility bills. We can then get additional data and monthly billings directly from your utility providers.

Performance Audit

We will perform the audit and review all of the charges on your bills and the tariffs that apply. This includes identifying erroneous charges and/or alternative rates and discounts that may be eligible for.

Submit Findings

After identifying the savings opportunities, we will make our savings proposal to you by clearly outlining your savings opportunities and how we intend go about putting your money back where it belongs.

See Results Monthly

After you approve of the savings opportunities, we negotiate with your utility companies to implement the changes, then you just sit back and wait for the savings– Refunds, Credits, Monthly Savings.

An amazing group of people. I was at first cautious about the program but when I received my refund... well to say I was elated would be an understatement. Thank you for the hard work and effort you put into auditing our utility bills.
Assembly of God
Tampa, Florida

Sumerlan helped us recover overpayments we had been paying to TECO for many years. Our refund alone was over $25k. We Definitely recommend their work!

It's unheard of to receive a check from the power company.

Brad C.
Yacht Manufacturer

Who would have thought that a utility company actually OWED money to it's customers?

Kudos to Ryan and staff for making us true believers.

Pride Community Center
Miami, Florida

How much are you owed?

Let Sumerlan take the guesswork out of your utility costs. Find out just how much you may be overpaying, and if you’re company is being overbilled.