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Sumerlan provides a comprehensive analysis of your utility bills and charges to save your company money.
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About Our Guarantee

If we can’t save your company money on utility costs, you pay us nothing for our efforts. Sumerlan provides a no-risk, no obligation, performance based utility audit. We either deliver tangible results that will put money back in your pocket or we don’t get paid. When we are successful in saving your company money on utility costs, we simply split those savings with you.

Our team has successfully helped thousands of customers reduce their utility costs by thousands of dollars. This amounts to millions in utility cost savings over the past 20 years. Find out if your company is among the 75% of companies that are overcharged each month on their utility bills

What does Sumerlan do?

By identifying billing errors, overcharges, and rate schedule changes we can probably put money back onto your company’s bottom line. Let us negotiate with your utility providers to ensure that your company is paying the absolute minimum for the utilities you buy.

Begin a Utility audit

Sumerlan auditors begin by combing through the last 36 months of your water, electric, natural gas or oil utility bills to discover any refunds your company may be owed and find future savings.

Provider Negotiation

Sumerlan auditors will then negotiate with your utility providers and secure billing credits that are applicable to your industry or organization

Monitor Billing

Monitor your billing charges to ensure that any savings we find continue into the future. Navigate complex state and local tariffs plus local rules to ensure that all utility bill charges are fair and appropriate.

G. Ryan Reece

Ryan Reece, M.B.A.

Senior Auditor
Ryan has over 25 years of experience saving companies money on their utility bills and has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.
Utility Auditor Help Wanted

Scott KV

Account Manager
Scott comes to Sumerlan with many years of utility management experience and works in the Utah division of Sumerlan.
Colin Hamilton Utility Auditor

Colin Hamilton

Sr. Account Manager
Colin has 18 years experience in energy management solutions and has been a driving force in helping our Florida clients.
Ginger Heal Office manager

Ginger Heal

Office Manager
Ginger makes certain that each client packet is efficiently worked to ensure all savings are implemented.​
Chandler Rofel Sr Account Rep

Chandler Rofel

Sr. Account Representative
Chandler has over 3 years in the energy sector helping clients in both Utah and Florida reduce utility costs.
Utility Auditor Help Wanted


Account Rep - Utah/Texas
Sumerlan is always on the lookout for quality utility auditors in Utah & Texas. We're accepting applications

how much are you owed?

Let Sumerlan take the guesswork out of your utility costs. Find out just how much you may be overpaying, and if you’re company is being overbilled.